Are you an entrepreneur with Passion, but struggling to find success?

If you answered "YES", we have the solution for you.

Attend this one day only training:

Unleash the Power of Your Story

3 Strategies to turn your STORY into your ATM


    Did you know that 85% of why people engage and buy, is determined by your confidence, influence, and impact? YES, it’s how you make them feel.

    The reality is that people buy from the people they share an emotional connection with. The people they believe intimately understands their pain, disappointments, and challenges.

    They will walk with you if they believe you are the person who can solve their problem. They will walk with you if they trust that you can put them on a path to fulfilling their hopes, dreams and desires.

Why? Because your words and energy tell them that you have walk the same path and emerged from the fire stronger, victorious and able to lead the way.

The question is how do you become that person influence?

A person whose communication authentically inspires, and your impact moves people to want become more.

If you are a parent, pastor, high achieving professional or an out of the box thinking entrepreneur, you want your message to inspire, influence and impact.

Join Suzan Hart for an evening of networking. Come learn the secrets to finding your authentic message. Whether you are speaking for 3 minutes or 3 hours, your goal is to create a connection. Join us and learn how to influence, impact and inspire.

At this training you will learn

    1: How to use your vulnerability to POWER your STORY and increase your influence, income and impact.

    2: A proven step-by-step system Suzan Hart used to build a successful International Speaking Brand.

    3: The secret sauce to craft a 3 minute or 3 hour talk that which move your audience to action, attract more leads, more referrals and more clients.

    4: WIIFM + ETR = Success (Formula).

    5: How to build your brand "BRAND YOU", to become more confident, be more likeable, gain more trust, more credibility with your audience and clients.

    6. The psychology and science on why people buy and why they will buy from you. And much more...


Your Instructor

Suzan Hart

Trainer, Speaker & Author

My Name is Suzan Hart and I’m a Mindset Mastery Mentor

My core message is the first person we each must lead is ourselves. By taking 100% responsibility for what is created in my life, I have triumphed over the stress of being physically and financially upside down. Drawing from my life lessons I am unique in that I know that we are each brilliant and we are all special. I intimately understand how isolated you feel when you are a stand for your own success, yet you are overworked, underpaid and physically exhausted. I understand that your health is the foundation for your wealth, and it is your health + your wealth that equals your access to freedom. I am committed to mentoring hard working, results driven busy professionals and entrepreneurs to be un-apologetically recognized for their value, financially rewarded for their brilliance, and celebrated for the fullest expression of themselves. I am committed to helping you learn how to get fit, feel fabulous and live a fulfilled life.

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